About Us

God gave the revelation about the Endtime forerunners to HIS servant Peter Kumar during 1996. God is pouring out HIS spirit upon the whole world raising mighty men and women across the globe like John the Baptist , Elijah and Elisha.

They will turn the hearts of multitudes towards the Lord in every Nation , tongue and tribe.

God wants His people to do the works of God in the Spirit and power of Elijah. Luke 1: 17

Peter Kumar travels to nations with this revelation in his spirit. He has a strong non denominational pulpit ministry , willing to serve through the local church or through local groups . God is raising People within Homes, local churches, marketplaces and even in work institutions. He is currently based in Greenville , South Carolina with his family.

His wife Geeta is a High School teacher who supports him in prayer and intercession and also occasionally steps in for him in is absence. They have two children, Nirali and Niranjan who love the Lord and enjoy being with their father while he works. Peter launched the ministry of forerunners in 1998 in Auckland, New Zealand and now it is a Trust Board.

The Lord is using Peter Kumar in the areas of the prophetic, preaching, teaching, healing and breaking bondages. Peter Kumar holds public crusades, church meetingsas well as many home meetings in nations. He also has a very strong inter-denominational pulpit ministry. God opens doors in at least 120 churches for pulpit ministry, Peter Kumar, every year. God has also made it possible for him to serve as an itinerant evangelist visiting many nations around New Zealand and beyond preaching about the preparation of the body of Christ, the bride, for the coming of the Lord. Peter Kumar also preaches the message that God is raising end time forerunners.

The Lord has opened doors for Peter to preach the Forerunners message in the 25 nations .  Peter travels to at least one nation or more each month as guided by God. We believe God will open more nations for this ministry.

Peter travels to nations challenging local churches to identify, train and release Nation Changers. Peter challenges men and women of God through the word of God and through prophetic words of encouragement.

Peter is the author of three books; End time Forerunners, Greater Works will you do, Upon the altar. He has also developed a ministry school called Nation Changers which challenges men and women of God to bring forth the kingdom of God is their own context.