Raising Joseph

Raising Joseph

Joseph school is a revelation for the local church and the people of God to rise up with the plans and purposes of God in order to receive God’s fullness. It is a Bible based revelation that can impact the practical aspects of business. Some of the key subjects of this school are:


  1. Understanding the covenant
  2. The power of personal revelation
  3. Extent of prophetic insight
  4. Understanding hundred fold
  5. God’s career path
  6. God’s paycheck


The duration of this school is normally 4 to 6 hours. The Joseph School has been conducted in few cites in New Zealand, Australia, India, USA, and Canada.




Price: $30.00
Who should take this course: 

"He made him lord of his house, and ruler of all his substance: To bind his princes at his pleasure; and teach his senators wisdom." - Psalms 105:21-22


1. The Power of Possessing
2. The Power of God's Promise
3. The Power of Personal Revelation
4. The Power of Prophetic Insight
5. The Power of Defining your dream task
6. The Power of Promotion
7. The Power of becoming a Blessing
8. The Power of Survey
9. The Power of Transfer of wealth
10. The Power of serving multitudes through giving

Author: Rev. Dr. Peter Kumar

Peter Kumar travels to nations with this revelation in his spirit. He has a strong non denominational pulpit ministry , willing to serve through the local church or through local groups . God is raising People within Homes, local churches, marketplaces and even in work institutions. He is currently based in Greenville, South Carolina with his family.