Task 1 Million

Task 1 Million

The church in Australia is RISING UP. The church will POSSESS this generation through CHRIST

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What Will I Learn: 

Several prophecies have identified the Great South Land to lead the END TIME REVIVAL. For the last 10 years along with several prophetic voices Rev.Peter Kumar has been declaring that Australia will rise up as a leader when many nations fall. There are powerful portals of PRAISE all across Australia ushering an OPEN HEAVEN . God is raising a generation NOW who are hungering for the presence and power of GOD all across Australia. A huge wave of REVIVAL is rising among the aborginals as a result of cleansing of the land. God is raising multitudes of  youth across Australia who are eager to be trained for ministry both within Australia and Internationally.



Who should take this course: 

Revalation regarding Australia. To Rev.PeternKumar

For over  ten years Rev .Peter Kumar has been declaring the following  events
  1. Since. 1999 God has been revealing that there will be an abundance of physical rain  before the spiritual rain comes down upon Australia..
  2. Australia will not be called a desert but a pool of refreshing Water.
  3. The water tables in Australia will rise up and bring healing to the nation.
  4. During 2008 God revealed that the Australian dollar will become stronger than the US dollar
  5. During 2010 God revealed that Western Australia will become very prosperous. Thru elaborate mining projects and discovery of large          quantities of Gold.
  6. Australia will increase trade ties with China in a huge way..
  7. During 2011  God revealed he here will be inland Tsunami's in some parts of Australia.

God's revelation about the future of Australia
  1. God is raising a New Person who will lead the nation.The nation will make strong ties with Israel.
  2. Multitudes will migrate into Australia from USA  and many European countries to he building Australia as a very strong nation.
  3. There will be several new  gas and mineral projects all across Australia
  4. The Australian dollar will take dip for few months and then recover.This will bring down the housing market..
  5. Several jews will come and settle in Australia.
  6. There will be typhoons in Queensland ,New South Wales and Perth .It will be as if the ocean will come onto the cities and take several       houses with it.
  7. Australia will be ABLAZE with the fire of the Holy Spirit ..Many young people will encounter God outside the walls of the church and be       willing to hunger after holiness..
  8. Radical Islam will try to rise up BUT it will be subdued...
  9. When many nations reel under Global Financial crisis Australia will become stronger and stronger.
  10. There will come atime when Australia will strongly contend for THE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.because of its strength and peace loving    efforts during the end time..

The  God given Strategy

God  gave Rev.Peter Kumar the following strategy.
  1. That 1000 Australians should be trained to bring 100 Australians to the Lord in a year.
  2. That 3000 Australian businessmen be raised to support the TASK.They will be  supporting one or two of those who are trained to bring the souls.They can visit the person whom they are supporting to encourage them and be continuously challenged to support the TASK.
  3. Churches who are willing to see souls won in their context should be willing to. Identify one or two members of their church and facilitate their training needs  towards the TASK.
  4. TASK would recruit training faculty mostly from within Australia.Those who see  a minimum of 20 new souls won for christ thru their            church or ministry efforts.
  5. Regional training sessions will be organized regularly to facilitate continuous encouragement and monitoring. The soul winning mandate.

The Operation

  1. Enroll men and women across Australia  who will be willing to become definite soul winners in their context.
  2. Develop and introductory course for them both online and correspondence to help them understand THE TASK.
  3. Recruit faculty to train this TASK FORCE.
  4. Develop Regional training bases in every Key  city and suburb where the training will be conducted for two consecutive  days.
  5. Develop training manuals and reporting process to activate continuous monitoring of the TASK.
  6. Perform  periodical evaluation  to. Make the TASK progressive..

Funding The TASK

  1. Run  Prophetic Seminars/Conferences for those in the market place to help their business multiply.Seek their support for TASK...
  2. Make money available thru  the sponsorship businessmen provide for those who are committed to win souls.We should be able to assign  one or two soul winners to each businessman/woman according to what people opt for.
  3. Take  20% as administrative cost. To run TASK office  to meet the following costs
  •  Ministry minded staff
  •  Essential office equipment and office material.
  •  Travel for training faculty.
  •  Travel for Peter Kumar and Key staff..

The Million Dollar Question?

  1.  Why Peter Kumar?
  2.  ASK GOD WHY?

This is the TIME for the END TIME Elijah's and Elisha's to Show themselves in Australia.If you are one of them COME OUT of  the WOOD WORK and MAKE IT HAPPEN


1. Define your call
2. Define the appropriate response
3. Define your divine abilities
4. Define your kingdom goals
5. Define your Accountability

Author: Rev. Dr. Peter Kumar

Peter Kumar travels to nations with this revelation in his spirit. He has a strong non denominational pulpit ministry , willing to serve through the local church or through local groups . God is raising People within Homes, local churches, marketplaces and even in work institutions. He is currently based in Greenville, South Carolina with his family.